Sunday, 25 February 2018


We have now entered a real wintertime here.
Temperature is at highest -5 during the daytime and down to -10 during nighttime and more or less powder snow falling everyday.
In total we have more then 40cm of snow and even driving the snowmobile is difficult in some places.
Closer to the coast line they have had really much snow during the past few days and below is a picture when I went to work Monday morning.
Did meet one car and it was OK as long as you did not stop and just kept moving all the time but the guy I met did stop so he got stuck.
Road to work Monday morning. 

So all antenna work are closed down and last week I was hit by the annual flu so just some minor work has been done but nothing related to the EME station.
The antenna has at the moment not so much snow on it and matching is good and the snow falling now when its cold is very light and will blow away.
Looking forward to the Guatemala dxpedition next weekend and I exchanged the preamp last week as it was not the best and some of the lost RX performance is restored.

Was active during friday and saturday eavning but activity was not that high.
Dubus contest was running and a lot of CW activity and I hrd a lot but I am not really used to the RX of the Anan radio in CW.
Feels like I have difficulties adjusting for a good AGC behavior together with bandwith for weak CW RX so I need to use it more to find my settings.

The heat sink I have planned to use for the Italab 70cm amp is huge and I need to cut it in half.
I got two of them with the plan of use parallell FET amps for both HF and 2m.
Will cut it this week and build a casing for the whole amp.

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