Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Spring is here.

Finally all snow is gone.
So now I will start the evaluation of the dual pol "rainmaker" again.
Will also perform some sun noice measurements on the present system as reference when I make the rebuild to open wire feed.
The Italab amp build progress is slow at the moment and non ham related work is needed att his time.
Need to prepare the summer car and also spend some time in the forest cutting down trees before the sap goes up too much.

Did not work the CR2 dxpedition.
Heard them fairly good and regulary but pol was not playing along so they never heard me.
Lets hope the Z66EME dxpedition will be easier to work.
Besides that I have not worked so much lately.
The activity is mostly at max dec and when any dxpedition is qrv.

Will try to update more regulary in the future but nothing has happen lately so no point in posting nothing.
Got a PCB for the ON4BCB DIY version of the OE5JFL controller from Ronny SM7FWZ and is sourcing Component to complete the build.
Use at the moment VK5DJ controller and its working well but want PWM for the motors and it is an option in the VK controller but it seems easier with the OE5 one with direct support for a H-bridge.
Furthermore it also have built in position data for more noice and quite sources.