Sunday, 5 May 2019

Finally an update :)

Finally an update of something.

Activity has been quite low and besides working the TO2MB and VP2EMB dxpeditions I have only worked a handfull QSO's.
Both TO2MB and VP2EMB was quite strong and easilly worked when all the big guns worked them.
Used H polarisation for both of them and the rig is working as usual.

In my struggle to work from time to time I discovered some time ago and written about before and that I need for more output Power.
That has now been solved by Peter PA2V who had 2 times R&S VH501 amplifiers with an original PS for sale and at May 1 myself and the YL drow down to PA land to pick them up and they are  now stored in the basement waiting the rebuild.
The plan is the use them in parallell to be able to use 1kW in to the antenna system as my permit allows and the amplifiers will handle this with ease.
Anyone with 7/16 connector relays suitable for 70cm. please send me an email.

The trip was smooth besides some unexpected snowfall on the way home and we had a couple of really nice hours with Peter and Petra at his QTH.
A very nice setup and I am really impressed with his ability to work at the very urban QTH he has.
I start to appreciate my noice free QTH more.

When we earlier lived in the city both 2m and 70cm was very noicy and spurs pretty much everywhere and EME would be impossible there at the time when we moved.
Worked some EME from that QTH in the 90's but TVI stopped me from using more then 350W and using 4 times 8.5 Lambda DJ9BVs and CW limited the nr of stations workable.

Right now the time is spent building in the barn and making firewood for the winter but also planning for the summer activity and experiments too.
Have some very early ideas of a new antenna setup that I will start to evaluate during the summertime.
Working on a list of aluminium material I need to order soon for new antennas.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Dubus CW contest

Did work some stations during the Dubus CW Contest last weekend.
In total 18 QSO's and really good activity with many stations QRV.
Heard a few more but had limited time to be QRV due to other engagement but it was really nice working CW and signals where strong overall.
Some new stations and Alaska was a new DXCC which is allways extra fun.

Worked KL6M 559, DL7ON 579, DL9KR 579, OH2DG 559, SP6JLW 559, DL6SH 569, DK3WG 569, I2FHW 579, UA3PTW 579, OZ6OL 559, UT5DL 559, OE5JFL 569, OZ4MM 579, SM2CEW 569, DF3RU 559, DL7APV 579, OE3JPC RO and G3LTF 559.

Managed to find some settings for the SDR radio to be able to work CW but I need to elaborate some more as sometimes I had difficulties reading and especially with weaker signals.

Besides working during the weekend I have not been able to work so much due to high winds and some rain and today we got 10 cm of snow again.
Have started with the firewood work now so radio activities will be limited as we need more this year then what we made last year.

Have ordered a box for the JFL controller but the delivery is slow so that has not been finalized yet and the same goes for a pair of LNB's for the Hail2 geostationary satellite thar recently started their transponders.
Seems like shipping is slower nowadays compared to a few years ago but maybe that's the future.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Snow again

A lot of snow fell last weekend and everything is now covered.
Fortunately the declination of the moon  is low at the moment and there will be some mild weather ahead so most of it will melt away the next few days or so.

Got in total about 17 inces now and a lot of snowmobile riding was done.
Did manage to remove some snow from the antenna to release some strain of the supporting wires.

So the next few weeks will be spent Indoors with other projects and hopefully I will finalize the OE5JFL controller and make some more progress with the new amplifier.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Good Condx

No update since before Christmas but not much of interest has actually happened here besides the last weekend where there has been some excellent propagation on the moon.
Worked BD9BU for what I know is a first BY-SM QSO.
7 new initials and several of them are single long yagi stations with a few hundred watts.
But the really nice QSO was with Ian MM0GYX who used a single 15 el and 100W which is nothing more than amazing that it actually works but he was quite easy to work and i hrd him at -26db

Besides from that I spent most of the time relaxing with the family in the Christmas and New Year break and some carpentry work in the barn.
I have also started rebuilding a Softrock Ensamble RX/TX for 630m that seems like an interesting band.
I trew up a 85m inverted L antenna and hooked it up to the electrical fence and the 80m vertical ground and I do hear very well.

Have also been out planning for a 4 square on 80m for next season and I found a suitable field that will not be used from September to April so I will use that.
It will be a temporary setup where I have the ground radials laying on top of the ground so I can easily remove it in the spring so the horses can use it again for their food.
Main problem is that it is 200m from the house and I will need to either sit in the barn to work or make a remote station between the barn and the house.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Friday night was the evening of miracles amd I got an early gift from Tom MX0CNS.
We actually manage to work with him using his 17el DG7YBN yagi and 60W at the feedpoint.

I forgot to save a screendump of the QSO so I borrrowed it from Tom but he was -27dB with me and a fairly easy QSO after all.
The most amasing thing to it all is that he also worked Peter PA2V with his 4 yagis.

Did also work my neighbor Tobbe SM7EOI on the moon and he was also strong.
Tropo signal was of course strong too but doppler was 700Hz so easy to detect the moon reflections and as I use SDR RX it was easy to just adjust the filter width to block the tropo signals out.

I wish all of you and your families a really merry Christmas.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018


The antenna is completely frozen at the moment and return loss on the H Array is Close to 4 so not possible to work at this time.
Did work some last weekend and Adelio IZ2DJP who has a single yagi and 200W was -21 dB and good own echoes.
Plan to be on this weekend if the snow and frost melts as the open wire feed is completely covered with snow at some places.

Managed to program the OE5JFL controller too and it seems like the serial port on the computer was not working properly as it worked when using an USB to serial adapter.
Will continue later this week with the encoders and buttons so I can make the necessary changes of time and location.
I have the H bridges for controlling of both axis with PWM which will be a nice feature as the azimut axis sometimes moves too fast and a ramped start and stop would be really good.

Will take some time off work and relax after a very busy time at work where we have moved the whole office and all labs to a new location and someone thought it was a good idea to make me responsible for the whole thing. Puhhh.
Will do some carpentry work at the workshop in the barn and hopefully start the renovation of a rear axle to the summer car as it has a slightly bad bearing.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

ARRL 2nd

SRI for no update but to much to do at work and at home with other stuff.

The total result for ARRL was 72 QSO and 37 multipliers for a total of 262 700 points which is more then double the score from last year.
Activity seems higher then last year and I still missed a lot of stations I heard which is inspiring for the future.
Worked a handful of single yagi stations with low power with the smallest I think was G3LGR with a 14 el DG7YBN and 200W who was -20dB with me.
Heard a few small stations that did not copy me so I need higher power then the 500W I used now and the Italab pallet PA is on hold at the moment due to other projects priority.

The only hardware issue during the two weekends was that I lost elevetoin indication on friday evening before the 2nd part but it was a poor connector and easilly solved.
Experimented a lot with the dual pol setup and it works exactly as predicted but I have some noise in the area causing problems in some cases but have not found anything while searching.
It can clearly be seen both in the SDR spectrum display and Map65 as pulsating or changes in noise levels in both time and frequency domain.
Need to continue searching as its quite irritating and lowers the RX performance quite a bit.

Had some problem with Map65 that stopped decoding after been on for a few hours and reporting to Livecq was irregular and missed a lot of stations from time to time.
To resolve it I needed to reboot the computer so I need to evaluate that further to figure out why it  happens.

Have been looking for a PA controller that is remotely controllable and able to monitor all parameters as my intention is to have the complete station remote controlled but have not yet found anything really usable.
My programming skílls is limited and a task like that should be to much and take to long time for me.
The search and work continues.