Saturday, 24 March 2018

Spring is comming.

Finally we got some warmer weather and the snow is melting quite fast but still we have some 20 cm in the garden.
Have only made some work on the Italab amp but not so much actually.
Have spent a lot of time bead blasting the rims for the Buick and will powder coat them and mount new tires as well and will also do some work on the engine later.
I also need to start cutting down trees to use as firewood for the next winter and that is somewhat time consuming.

The only activity lately was the TD9CHR dxpedition who I worked and now awaits the CR2EME dxpedition which is about to start today or tomorrow.

Will continue with the amp and I am right now cad a PCB for the arduino nano with all external circuits to fit within a screened casing including decoupling caps and series inductors on all input and output connectors.
Will hopefully mill the board next week so I can test the controll circuits and see if it behaves as I want.

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