Sunday, 4 February 2018

Snow Again.

Need to rename my dual pol test antenna to the snowmaker instead of rainmaker.
From Friday afternoon to Saturday eavning we got more then 30 cm of really sticky snow.
All antennas are cowered and even the 80m dipole was more or less laying on the gound as the end spring was pulled to maximum length du to the wieght of all snow stuck to the antenna element.
So no antenna test this weekend and it will be cold the remaining of the week so the snow will stay on so John, the WW will be in use the whole week.

Will keep myself occupied with indoor work for some time now but have plenty of unfinnished projects to start up again and I also have a Italab KW pallet on 70 cm I bought a few month ago that also needs to be put together.
Will use the PQL controller as base and also PQL low-pass filer and directional coupler but everything controlled by a ON7EQ controller and display unit.

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