Saturday, 2 December 2017

Good signals on the moon

Yesteray eavning the propagation was really good with very good reflections.
Noted my own echoes at -3.5 dB and HB9Q was constantly -1.

Worked 3 new stations and my first SSB QSO with Karl DF3RU who was 54 and solid copy all the time.
Did ocationally hear my own SSB echoes too.
Also worked OK2AQ who has a single yagi and 250W with good signals.

Today I have so far worked 3 new stations including BV3CE whom I tried to work yesterday without success.
Waiting for the V31 dxpedition that now stated will be QRV next weekend 8 - 10 December.

Have not got the PCB´s for the SAV541 preamp evaluation yet so no work there but the hardware clocks have arrived for the VK5DJ controller so that I will finalize this week.

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