Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Snow and ice.

Tried to work the V31eme dxpedition the past weekend but the polarization was not at all favorable.
Listen for approximately 9 hours and did not get one single decode.
At one point I saw a weak trace but it disappeared again.
Others reported the same and the ones that could work Uwe most of them had the possibility to RX vertically.
The polarization seem to be better when Uwe had the moon highest on the sky but that was some 1 hour after my moon set.
But that's life and a big congratulation to them who managed to work them.

The Gemenides MS shower is starting to get some good reflections and I worked UA3WM with huge reflections. One was 12.5 seconds and really strong.
Tried to work last night but had massive VSWR as the antenna was completely covered with snow and ice.
Lets hope it will melt away until tonight and tomorrow but I do not think so as the temperature will stay on or below zero for the whole time.

Got my PCB's for the preamp evaluation and just tested them quickly and got some results but had some problems with instability and the Nf was in the order of 0.6 so further work and tuning is needed.

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