Friday, 24 November 2017

Short update

Nothing exciting happens at the moment.
Working with preamp designs and is waiting for one batch of PCB's from the Chinese vendor but it will most likely take another week to arrive.
Tried to match the YU1AW design better but failed and is rethinking the design a bit.
Already working on a second design with two transistors in series to achieve more gain and to reduce the number of preamps to only one.
That is not completed yet and I wait until the first set of boards arrive so I can debug the first stage and optimize input circuit before ordering the second version.

Got the 4*40 displays I ordered for the VK5DJ controller and they worked very well but I missed the part in his design that he stopped including the SW clock module so I needed to order a HW clock module to finalize it and it has not arrived yet.

Besides from that I wait for the dec of the moon to increase and the V31 expedition to start.
Helping my sister renovating her new house as well so I am keeping myself occupied.

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