Sunday, 8 October 2017

Worked yesterday evening at moonrise and it worked really well with good echoes and some stations in the log.
Went to bed and slept for a few hours and went up at 2Z to work in the US window but the propagations seem to been really poor.
A lot of stations was a lot weaker then the night before but also very low activity.
Don´t know if it was the ongoing reg1 UHF contest that caused this or people just don´t like to be up early in the morning.
Occasionally the propagation was fair but US stations was in general weak and many reported bad faraday rotation.
Worked in total so far 26 stations and when I looked all 6 continents for a WAC.
The only problem I had was actually PST rotator that occasionally froze and had problems communicating with the controller.
Don´t know if the problem was at the sw side or the Arduino side and it was not a big problem just irritating when the antenna don´t track.

Will try work tonight at moonrise too and see if someone ells are QRV.

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