Saturday, 7 October 2017

Indicator working again.

The problem with the indicator errors was found and fixed.
Sometime during the night did the rotator turned 2 full turns causing the indicator cable to the elevation to stretch and squeeze so at first it broke a wire for the elevation signals and that´s when I lost the elevation indication and when I continued beaming following the moon to the westthe cable stretched further causing a short circuit between the 5V feed and ground which made the azimuth indication to also quit working.
Found the problem and fixed it temporarily and now all is good again.
Strange that I did not noticed that but most likely when it was going over the 180-degree point as I then noticed it started going in the wrong direction but stopped it and forced over 180 manually.
Nevertheless, sometimes during the night it happened and I need to exchange that cable at some point but I had limited time during the day today so it was starting to get dark and the rain has also started again.

The rain causes some VSWR but nothing alarming so I am on the moon again.

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