Monday, 9 October 2017

High winds and rain

High winds stopped me from any operation Sunday night at moonrise so the contest part 1 is over.
In the contest I worked 21 stations with some new and some worked before.
Highlights was the good own echoes as high as -6.3dB and good signal reports from VK4EME.
Called a lot of CQ but lacks a lot from the reduced output power.
Worked all I heard and called for except W7MEM whom I called many times during Sunday morning but he just saw weak traces of me.

From what I know now the smallest stations was a couple of 2 yagi stations including KA1GT and LU8ENU that was a lot stronger this time compared when I used 2 yagis.
So the antennas seem to work as predicted but I will most likely lower the mast and go for open wire feeds next summer.

During sun noise measurements it was clear it did not perform as well as it could but it’s a part of the process to constantly improve the station performance and reliability.

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