Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Receiver configuration

Have finalized the transverter and the connection to the exciter for both RX and TX with all 25 W output and the reference locked oscillator in place.
One interesting thing is that when using the original oscillator the output power is slightly less.

I am convinced I have been able to use both Map65 and WSJT together with the Anan 10 before but now it seems impossible to get the Map65 to work.
Spent the hole evening yesterday trying to get this to work but no way would Map 65 get any I and Q signal in.
So I will go back to use the FCP+ or a SDR Play RX for Map65 instead.
Wil mount the FCD inside a screened box including a isolation relay so it would not be overloaded at TX.
Did use FCD for Map65 last year but just laying on the desk caused it to overload at TX so I would like to sort that out this year.
Once use to Map65 I could not even consider working without it as its very convenient to monitor the complete band at once identifying all stations.

Looked at the amplifier too last night and saw that it was far from done and I had just put it in the box without anything hooked up inside so I need to start that tonight but its not so complicated so hopefully I will finish it quickly.
The antenna system is also now in a high wind test as it suddenly started to blow quite hard with gusts as high as 20 m/s but so far it has coped with the wind really good and barely moves at all.

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