Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Constant rain again.

It must be easy to be a weather man here in Sweden nowadays.
Nothing correlates with the predictions and now has the constant rain started again.
And as the frosting on the cake there is high winds too so no sun noise measurements have been able to be done this week as the antenna is constantly parked down the wind.

Almost finalized the amplifier yesterday but need to drill 4 holes for the TX input connector to be completely done and then test it but all switching and metering is working.
Maybe need to add some screening to the metering as there will be high RF inside the casing causing interference.
Added a lot of ferrites to all DC feeding cables and inductors on others going to the controller board.
I hope it will be enough but lets se when power it up.
Discovered I had put in a 6dB attenuator in series with the amplifier and this will reduce the input power to 6W when putting in 25 and that's a bit low so I might need to exchange that to 3dB in order to achieve full output power.
Used this settings last year with a TS811 who also have 25W out and still I had decent output power so I will try the 6dB and see how it will work before I make any modifications.
Funny how much I have forgotten about the amplifier in this short time but that must be an age thing for sure:)

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