Sunday, 1 October 2017

All cabeling done

So now I have done all the cabling.

The TX feed is a 20m 7/8" and into the house its 2m RFC600 which is also used in the other end of the 7/8" to the relay around the rotor axis.

Preamp and relay is mounted inside the triangular horizontal boom and RX Cable is a RG213.

All rotors and indicators are working but I have approximately 1 degree of on azimuth and 0.5 in elevation but will compensate for that in PST rotator.

Tested the tracking function built-in the K3NG controller but as my azimuth indication is 1 degree less than the real and tracking stops when within the set tracking accuracy the antenna is all the time between 1 and 2 degrees behind.
Was convinced I once saw an offset setting option in the K3NG controller software but could not find it any more.

Had some problem during the week with a broken cable and the HH12 azimuth indicator was oriented upside down so the indication went the wrong way but there is a reverse indication option in the controller so I just reprogrammed it.

The sun was very low when I finished the work today so could not measure any son noise so I tested with some beacon instead. SK1UHF which is the closest one behaved very strange with no clear peak or sideloobes but I discovered that problem before and I think it is due to reflections from surroundings as there is sheet metal roofs on both the barn and the carport which is in that direction.
OZ7IGY behaved a lot better which is close to 180 degrees in opposite direction.
It was too weak at the moment to show any sideloobes but peak width seems corresponds to simulations.

Did mount the daughter board for automated switching of 10MHz reference oscillator inside the Anan 10 which will be the exciter used for main RX and TX.

Completed the transverter too but it requires some rebuild adding a circuit on TX IF side as the output power did only reach some 18W and not the stated 25.
Not a big deal but the attenuators inside the amplifier is set for 25 W input so it’s more convenient to use the same.

Before I mounted the preamp in the antenna I was trying to measure the noise factor but when starting the NF meter, a familiar smell of burned electronics started to appear and increasing rapidly.
So something happened and now its indicating an error but got a tip from SM7FWZ this morning at our weekly 80-meter ring that it could be the power supply voltage regulators that has broken or short circuit causing traces on the PS board to burn.
Will check that later when I have more time.

Will continue with finalizing the transverter and insert the Apollo board allowing the transverter to use a 10MHz stabilized oscillator too.

The power amplifier needs some work too as last year when used it it had no cover which I added this year but need to add some inductors at some wires and make a new output cable and connector to fit the new housing.
It has no inbuilt relay for RX/TX relay as I have everything separated all the way up to the first antenna divider.

Have changed my idea how to switch everything and now I will switch the PA with the exciter and the transverter at the first sequence from the PA.
The transverter has also a built-in sequencer only used to delay the TX of the transverter to be the last event.

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