Saturday, 23 September 2017

Rain, rain and rain again

No the antennas are done with all support structures and everything is alligned and awaiting the dipoles and final tuning.
But its raining again :(
Last week we got 54 mm of rain and this week so far 23 and more or less rain everyday in the afternoon when I have time to do any outdoor work.

But some indoor work has been done with for example all stacking cables is done and within 3 degrees of phase difference for all 8 and the two 1/2" Cables differs 0.6 degrees.
The dipoles are finnished and awaiting the rain to stop and hopefully it will be a nice day tomorrow.
Starting to regret I made the mast the full 6 meter instead of 4 meter which is a more convinient height and is really enaugh for this antenna.
Let's see what happends in the future but I will not shorten it now, maybe next summer.

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