Sunday, 24 September 2017

Antennas tuned.

Finally a day without rain so I managed to get all antennas tuned and stacking cables mounted.
It took some time and some problems on the way.
One dipole feeding cable broke so I needed to make a new one.
The same with one of the stacking cables which showed some strange behavior.
When a 50 Ohms load in the end it measured 1.3 VSWR but all other cables was ok.
Did not investigate it in details I just made a new cable instead and everything was OK.
When all feeding cables and dividers was mounted the array shifted ballance slightly so its now somewhat back heavy so I need to add some weight to the front
Mounted the rotor and the azimut tube which was the heaviest task of the day.
It's a Stainless steel tube 60 mm outside diameter and 5 mm thick and 2.5 meters long and really heavy.
Should have mounted the rotor and tube before the mast was put up as it must have been much easier.
Lesson learned to the next time.
Will try to lift up everything this week and I will add pictures later as it got to dark before I was done.
The plan is to fasten the wire pulley at the top of the azimut tube and winch it up and place it some 10 cm above the top bearing. Will secure it along the way with a secondary wire if something brakes.

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