Monday, 11 September 2017

8 antennas alligned

This afternoon I got the time to mount and roughly allign the remaining 2 antennas Before the rain started again.

Checked the material for the supports and will use 16mm round tubes in the front and 20mm Square in the back.
Found some angle pieces that will be used as mounting bracket for the supports.

The rain did not stop so I went inside and continued with the transverter instead.
Did a fix for the rx side tuning and the results is 1 dB NF and 26dB gain.

Configured the sequencer and TX scheme inside the transverter as well but I will use 24V at RX to the mastmounted relay and the preamp so I need to mount a 12 to 24V boost converter inside the transverter.
I switch the preamp and relay at the same time at RX so if anything fails the relay go into TX.
Did so in the past and never blown a preamp so I am confident it will work.

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