Friday, 27 July 2018

Slow progress

Have cut and trimmed all elements and drilled the booms and everything is prepared for mounting but the weather is just to hot at the moment.
The temperature is above 30 in the shade every day and outdoor work not possible at the moment.
Have done some other work like rebuilding the kitchen and spending time relaxing with the family.
Did some cleaning and maintenance of the machines in the workshop as well.
Bought 6mm dipole holder but have designed my own ones and will print a few to evaluate RF performance of the PLA material.

When drilling the booms I discovered that on 2 of the antennas the 2nd director was slightly shifted to one side so I need to go through all antennas to ensure they are assembled correctly.
Don't think it happend over time and It's a error from my side when assembing the antennas last year.

I also awaits the support wires I ordered earlier to try out how the support structure will end up like.
Assume it will be ok using one support wire going from the front of the boom to the back and have a turnbuckle in the back to allow adjusting tension.
The feedstructure will hopefully be enaugh support between the antennas in the back and if needed I will order some fiberglass support for the front but I want to assemble it all together first to evaluate.

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