Sunday, 21 January 2018

More snow.

Some more snow has eliminated all possibilities for antenna work at the moment as can be seen on the Pictures below.
Some detuning of the array as well but not so dramatic actually and it´s still below 1.5 in VSWR.

Removed the relay and preamp box last week and checked it out and the preamp was gone but the relay just needed a light cleaning and nothing actually burned. Will try to get it up again during the week as the temperature is increasing according the the forecast.
Will also make a change in the preamp switching and exchange the P-channel FET switch to a relay connected so the preamp signals grounds when TX to avoid any problems with blown preamps in the future.

Tried to get my 2m transverter setup completed last week but discovered low gain in the system and when measured the transverter it seems like that Gaas Fet was blown too.
So now I need to source a CF300 transistor too but found them at Giga Tech

Bought a huge car subwoofer amplifier last summer at a public garage sale very cheap and ofcoarse it did not work when arrived home but I had allready suspected that so it was a gamble.
Put it on the work bench last week too and after some support from a very nice and helpfull service technichian from the German manufacturer, it now works perfectly.
It can put out 3KW max at 1 Ohm and at 2KW out  it needs 180A on a 12V rail so plenty of power.

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