Saturday, 30 December 2017

25el Hor + 14el Vert GTV trial antenna

Now is the Christmas celebration done and I found some time to complete the trial antenna of a 25 el. horisontal GTV and a 14 el vertical antenna on the same boom.
Assembled the 25el first and put my adjustable dipole on it and as is it showed a good match as the last time the adjustable dipole was used was when tuning the 4 25 el yagis I built this summer.

Matching of 25 el H yagi

Assembled the 14 el vertical parts and measured the horizontal antenna again and it showed absolutely no difference at all.

Moved the adjustable dipole to the vertical antenna and the results was very close to the horizontal antenna without any tuning at all.

Matching of 14 el V yagi

Complete evaluation antenna

Manufactured dipoles for the two parts and measurements did not change anything at all so I am convinced they will work as expected.
Will try polarisation performance after the new year on tropo and over the moon to verify.
Will add a piece of coaxial cable with loss making up the difference in gain between the two parts before a relay and preamp to evaluate it easier.

Did work some of the moon the last few days and the propagation has been vary shifting.
From time to time very good signals and good own echoes and other times very poor.
To Asia the propagation has been very poor for my only horizontal antennas.
Worked Rob PD7RKZ that uses 8 times 11el GTV antennas and only 25W quite easilly which is for sure the lowest power station I ever worked and he worked smaller stations then me which is really amasing.
Tried to work Hartmut DG7YBN too but we hrd eachother at different times and never at the same time so no complete QSO yet.
Tried to work some tonight but it was raining some sticky frozen rain which caused some SWR and caused the preamp to break down so Went QRT.
Removed the preamp and the relay and the relay was OK but the preamp was confirmed broken.
Will exchange it tomorrow when the rain has stopped and in daylight.

Has not had the time to more in detail evaluate the SAV541+ preamp boards so I will continue with my YU1AW ATF ones for now.

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