Thursday, 26 October 2017

Short update of nothing

The constant rain has started again and this week so far we got 74 mm of rain making everything soaked and there is water everywhere.
No major update actually as nothing new has happen.
Was intended to make some changes to the amplifier last weekend but the supplier sent the wrong parts so I need to make that at a later stage.
Had some communication with Jim regarding what happen and he never encountered anything similar but there must have been some sort of oscillation causing extra heat desoldering the capacitor cable and burning the decoupling caps.
He has made an update regarding the low frequency gain circuit that i will make to ensure it will eliminate this problem in the future.
Will also change all fans to 24 V ones to get some more airflow through the heatsink and around the components on the board.

During my search for lower noise figure I have ordered some SAV-541+ from Microcircuit which will hopefully arrive this week.
Have found some designs using these transistors but the use a wide band input circuit and I do not really like that and will try these in the YU1AW design and rebuild the DC circuit.
They seems to be very similar and hopefully there will be a minimum of redesign.

Some time ago I got boards for the VK5DJ rotor controller that I had some problems getting to work properly but tried once again to get it to work and now its up and running with HH-12 encoders and it seems to work ok.
My intention was to use a 4*40 LCD display but have had some problem getting them to work but its all OK with 2*16 ones.
Investigated more  thoroughly but it seems like the 4*40 display is broken because I cannot get it to work with an Arduino either so I ordered some new ones.

Walked around in the garden the other day and was planning for a hedge on the south side of the house where we today have a lot of trees.
I don´t like large trees close to the house and they will be removed next spring and a fence will be put up and a hedge planted.
This will clear out some area which could be good to put a dish for higher frequencies or if I make a larger one like 7 meters or so to be able to operate on 70cm with it as well.
Have not decided yet on how to proceed but will most likely make a foundation for a mast when digging to remove the root systems from the trees and to plant the hedge.
I like the concept of OE5JFL with his offset dish construction.

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