Sunday, 13 August 2017

Persidedes 2017

Spent the weekend working some ms on the Persides rock show.
Ended up with 20 qso but nothing fancy but I lost my log when moved to this QTH so most is new anyway.  My experience is that it was lower than i have seen before.
Did hook up the homemade pa to the rig.
Worked fine with some 600W output.
Needs some final adjustment on power indicator and when the fan kicks in on rx.
The fans is in operation during tx of coarse but higher temperature then a preset value it continues in rx Sequence to. This level seems to low.

Use a HP brick PS but it was noisy at first so i needed to add some decoupling capacitors on the output side and I also put copper braided screens on output wires and grounded it in the PS case.
This solved the problem and the PS is now absolutely quiet from radiating any HF on VHF bands.
The fans are not so quiet but I placed it on the floor behind the desk so not so alarming sound.

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