Saturday, 19 August 2017

2m EME

Today I finalized the build of SM7EOI's 70cm. antennas and realized that the moon was on the way down.

So up to the shack and switched on the 2m rig and fairly quickly detected I2FAK at -21 but elevation at that point was 21 degrees so no point in calling him as I do not have any elevation on 2m.
Waited for the moon to go down but never heard him again.
Had no MAP65 running so it was difficult to find any stations so I figured why not call CQ.
Got reply from HB9Q who also reported me on liveCQ at -24 and he was also -24 with my 11 element DG7YBN yagi ,10 m RFC400 and no preamp into the TS-711E.
My output was 700W or so and the QSO was easy and ofcoarse without any deep search.

Funny as HB9Q was my 1st on 70cm as well.

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